Property Conveyancing includes Property transfers and other real estate transactions.

If you have just been through a relationship breakdown, had a matrimonial property settlement, doing your estate or succession planning, been appointed as the executor of an estate, recently arrived in Australia or considering migrating to Australia, you will probably want or need to be involved in real estate transactions.

You might need to, for example, do any of the following:

  • Transfer property to your spouse or have real estate transferred to you by your spouse;
  • Buy a new residential or commercial property or sell an existing one – or both;
  • Transfer your existing property to your children, spouse or others as part of your bigger estate and succession planning strategies;
  • Transfer your home into your name after the death of your spouse;
  • Transfer into your namereal estate assets left to you in a will;
  • Sever a joint tenancy (change a joint ownership to “tenants in common” – a co-ownership)
  • Lodge a caveat to protect your interests while your matrimonial or relationship property settlement is being negotiated or decided – or before you start those negotiations;

Unlike many other boutique, specialist firms we also have the expertise and experience necessary to carry out all of those transactions for you “in house” at the same time as delivering to you the positive outcomes you need in your family law, estate administration and successionplanning and migration issues.

You don’t have to go anywhere else, we can do it all for you.

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