Corporate Responsibility


Pollinate Energy is a social business with a simple mission – to improve the lives of India’s urban poor by giving them access to affordable products. With a focus on sustainable solutions, such as solar lights and improved cookstoves, people are able to reduce indoor smoke, have better quality light, use less fuel and save money.

Impact of the Sponsorship
Pullos Lawyers’ sponsorship will enable Pollinate Energy to kickstart the micro-businesses of three local entrepreneurs or ‘Pollinators’ in slum communities in the city of Hyderabad. The full impact of the sponsorship will be life-changing for 5,000 people each year, currently living in the dark, who will be reached by these Pollinators. When solar lights are introduced to unelectrified communities, a whole wave of improvements occur:

Children perform better in school since they can study after dark; money spent purchasing harmful kerosene is saved; household chores and cooking no longer take up precious income-earning daylight hours; small businesses stay open later with the light and gain a competitive advantage; women and children feel safer at night; and the whole family breathes cleaner air.

Pollinator Testimonial
Krishna, age 19 - Pollinator, Hyderabad
“I am interested in helping the poor. I live in a community near the slums, which is similar to the communities Pollinate is helping. I work at least four hours a day in the communities. I am selling a good number of lights, but it takes a lot effort to build the relationship with the people in the communities. It is difficult with the repayments and bad customers sometimes, and I am still learning a lot. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering but now I am very interested in this work. It has changed my life. I am learning new things such as computer skills, useful for me in my career, but I am also helping my family financially. I have so many happy customers and I enjoy talking with them and being part of the community.”

Story of a Customer
Kanakamma has run a recycling shop for 10 years and recently expanded her business and opened a second shop, selling sweets and cigarettes. She purchased a solar light in order to extend her opening hours and have the shop open for 2 more hours. Kanakamma’s neighbor, the first customer to buy a solar light in the community, recommended the product to her. Kanakamma normally earns a weekly income between 1,000-2,000 rupees ($20-40 AUD) from her business. With the increased opening hours, she is hoping to earn more in order to cover the costs of the education of her three children (aged 11, 13 and 15 years old).

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