What is an Accredited Family Law Specialist?

queensland law society accredited specialist
Queensland Law Society Family Law Accredited Specialists not only have extensive experience in Family Law, but have successfully completed an advanced, peer reviewed assessment program specific to the area of Family Law.

This assessment process is challenging, but holds multiple personal and professional benefits. A lawyer who is an Accredited Specialist is so because they have gained formal recognition of legal excellence, have worked in their area of speciality for at least five years with more than 25% of his or her practice specialising in that area and have undergone a rigorous examination program testing both their academic knowledge and practical application of that knowledge.

An Accredited Family Law Specialist must prove each year that he or she has continued to keep up-to-date with developments in the law and maintain the required high level of involvement in the jurisdiction.

This means that a combination of relevant experience and study makes these lawyers the best in the field of Family Law.

By choosing an Accredited Specialist to be your lawyer you can expect the highest quality legal services, efficiency, best possible legal advice and representation and the best chance of a positive outcome in your legal matter.

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