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The Respectfull Divorce Without Court

Collaborative Practice, or Collaborative Law, is a future focused, problem solving approach to restructuring your financial and personal lives after the breakdown of your relationship.

The heart of Collaborative Practice is to ensuring a respectful separation or divorce for you and your partner whilst providing you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers – without going to court.

You will also have the benefit of child and financial specialists, as well as other professionals as needed, all working together on your team to assist you design a solution that works for you and your family, rather than having an outcome imposed on you by the Court system.

A Collaborative divorce will assist you to create self-determined, fulfilling and dignified outcomes whilst avoiding the often emotionally traumatic court process.

Collaborative Practice:

    • Empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for you.
    • Provides you with specially trained Collaborative lawyers, social science and financial professionals to educate, support and guide you in reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements.
    • Offers you a safe and dignified environment to reduce the conflict and minimize its impact on you, your children, your family and your life.

A Commitment To Work Together
Collaborative Practice requires you and your spouse or partner to commit to:

    • Negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues.
    • Maintain open communication and information sharing.
    • Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all.

The Right Path For Me
Divorce or the ending of a long-term relationship is a sensitive and personal matter. No single approach is right for everyone. Many couples find Collaborative Practice to be a welcome alternative to the often destructive, and sometimes very expensive aspects of court proceedings.

Collaborative divorce offers a level of self-determination, control, discussion and voice simply not available in court proceedings.

You will be able to make decisions with your former partner about the things each of you value most, rather than what the court deems appropriate.

This level of trust and autonomy helps clients to come to positive, respectful, beneficial and long-lasting agreements, the likes of which are rarely provided by the courts.

For Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans-Gender and Intersex couples who cannot marry legally in Australia or who are married but cannot divorce in their state or country, Collaborative Practice offers a mechanism for reaching a legally enforceable resolution of their issues.

If the following values are important to you, Collaborative Practice is likely to be positive and rewarding option:

    • I want us to communicate with a tone of
    • I want to prioritize the needs of our children.
    • My needs and those of my spouse/partner require equal consideration, and I will listen objectively.
    • I believe that working creatively and cooperatively resolves issues.
    • It is important to reach beyond today’s frustration and pain to plan for the future.
    • I can behave ethically toward my spouse/partner.
    • I choose to maintain control of the divorce/separation process with my spouse/partner, and not relegate it to the courts.

Cassandra Pullos has been instrumental in bringing to Australia the practice of Collaborative Law. She is a co-founder, and was the founding President ofQueensland Collaborative Law in it’s early years. She served on the executive of Queensland Collaborative Law for the first 10 years of it’s operation.

Cassandra is a trainer of collaborative professionals and has presented papers on Collaborative Practice both nationally and internationally. She was selected by the international collaborative body, the IACP, to take part in the Leadership Academy – a 12 month commitment to study of both collaborative practice and leadership principles.

Cassandra is an international collaborative lawyer and has acted in collaborative cases locally, nationally and internationally. She has acted for clients living in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and internationally her clients include expatriates living in California, Florida, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.

If the collaborative path reflects your own thinking, we have 3 collaborative lawyers in our firm, including Cassandra Pullos, who can provide you with information about collaborative practice, help you decide if it’s the right process for you, and represent you in your collaborative negotiation.

We can help you decide if Collaborative Practice is the right alternative for you and your family.

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