Chrissy Trueman

Chrissy Trueman

Senior Associate

Nationally Accredited Mediator

Chrissy is a Family Lawyer and mediation specialist with a Masters in Business. Her focus on minimising conflict and achieving lasting outcomes combined with her background in investment banking and finance mean that she can assist clients in resolving even the most difficult of family law matters.

Before beginning my family law career over 20 years ago, I worked in investment banking and finance and attained my Masters in Business Administration. I had the opportunity to take the position as AMP Women’s Investment Adviser where I was responsible for training and educating women in the area of investment and financial planning. Through this role I was able to empower women with the knowledge and skill to make informed decisions about their finances and set themselves up for a positive and secure future. It is with this same focus on self-determination and building a roadmap for a positive future that I approach my work as a family lawyer. 

My previous career in Investment Banking and finance also allows me to assist clients with the most technical and complex financial aspects of their separation. Having worked as the AMP Women’s Investment Adviser, I am well versed in equipping people with the knowledge and skill they need to make wise long-term financial decisions. Whilst financial security often plays a large role in separation disputes, I understand that this is only one aspect.

Resolving conflict in a self-determined and empowering way whilst protecting parent-child relationships is often the most important approach to ensuring a sustainable resolution and long-term happiness.

Having been through a separation and the family court system myself, I have first-hand experience of what my clients are going through. Having this experience, I offer my clients not only leading legal representation, but empathy and understanding in what can be an incredibly stressful and trying time. Family Law disputes, particularly when taken to court, can be long, costly and unnecessarily confrontational for all those involved. In order to achieve more durable, fulfilling and effective outcomes for clients, I have gained mediation accreditation and look to resolve disputes for clients out of court, whenever possible. Of course, sometimes litigation is the only option, in which case I utilise my 20 years of legal experience and expert finance knowledge to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients now, and into the future.

Resolving an immediate legal dispute is the first of many steps down the path to long-term sustained wellbeing and future personal success. I help clients whenever I can to resolve conflict while maintaining ongoing effective and responsible communication moving forward. Achieving this helps to reduce trauma to families, and most importantly children, allowing people to move positively toward the lives they envision for themselves.

My legal practice forms a central part of my life, however I believe it is important to maintain balance and constantly seek out perspective in order to achieve personal wellbeing, as well as consistently providing clients with the best possible resolutions to their conflict. Spending time with my family, outdoors and traveling both locally and abroad give me the space I need to stay energised and focused on my client’s needs. I also gain fulfilment and motivation from engaging in community work, which has seen me sit on boards including the Board of Australian Women Lawyers, the Gold Coast Primary Health Network and the Queensland Animal Welfare League and engage in volunteer work for Rosies, raise funds for Animal Welfare League Queensland, collect donations for the GC Domestic Violence Service and contribute to the Australian Anti Ice Campaign.

I look forward to assisting you with your family law matters and helping you build yourself a positive and fulfilling future.


Legal Qualifications:

  • National Accreditation as Mediation Specialist
    • 2011 LEADR (Qld)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • 2011 University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
    • 1998 University of Tasmania, Hunter Street
  • Bachelor of Law
    • 1990 – 1997 University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay
  • Bachelor of Arts (major in Administration/minor Management & Political Science)
    • 1989 – 1995 University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
    • 1986 Deakin University via Distance
  • Diploma of Business Management
    • 1984 Hobart College of TAFE, Hobart
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