Grant Furiosi

grant furiosi

Family Lawyer

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Grant Furiosi is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia. Grant’s expertise in Family Law litigation and negotiation allow him to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients in all matters, no matter how difficult.

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“Family law represents an opportunity for me to support people through the challenge and difficulty of separation and establish a pathway for clients to move on with their lives in a positive and self-determined way. Focusing exclusively on practicing Family Law and Domestic Violence Law has allowed me to gain the depth and breadth of expertise to assist clients in all aspects of family law no matter how complex, including divorce, property settlements, parenting and financial matters, child support and domestic violence matters.

I aim to assist clients in resolving their family law issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while ensuring that clients have the knowledge and tools to discover and express what matters to them and what they are looking for in the resolution of their conflict. With these goals in mind, my clients often achieve the best longstanding outcomes through non-litigation practices such as mediation and arbitration. Sometimes litigation is necessary, in which case I will advise you on your best options and employ a polite but no-nonsense candour with the other party to help you achieve your best possible outcome, no matter how difficult the circumstance.

My legal practice forms a big part of my daily life so I pursue a healthy list of interests in order to re-charge and keep me motivated. I practice both Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts and love to spend time outdoors camping, hiking and mountain bike riding. My family though are my greatest source of inspiration and motivation; no time away from my practice is better spent than with them.

If you have a family law issue, contact Pullos Lawyers and Grant will listen to your circumstances and goals, work with you to provide understandable advice about your legal rights and entitlements and plan a cost effective and swift path to resolution.

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“You have made me feel heard and understood during an extremely difficult and emotional time, without pity or patronising….”