Our Brisbane Family Lawyer Explains the Parenting Coordination Australia Training Courses

Parenting Coordination Australia

Our Brisbane Family Lawyer Explains the Parenting Coordination Australia Training Courses

9th October 2019

Divorce or separation is often a stressful and difficult time, especially for families with young children. The primary concern for many parents is making arrangements for children to spend time with both parents, however, these arrangements can often lead to conflict. Enter Parenting Coordination Australia (PCA), a new legal practice that focuses on resolving these conflicts, co-founded by our very own Brisbane family lawyer, Cassandra Pullos. With years of experience in mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination, we asked Cassandra to explain the PCA process as well as the training program available to those looking to delve into this area of law.

What is Parenting Coordination Australia (PCA)?

Parenting Coordination Australia (PCA) is a team of leading parenting coordination practitioners who work with parents to achieve lasting solutions to manage conflict, implement parenting agreements, and adhere to court orders. Founded by our Brisbane family lawyer, Cassandra Pullos, and dispute resolution specialist, Dr Anne Purcell, parenting coordination is a child-centred process aimed to reduce the need for contravention and returning to court. The purpose of PCA is to help parents transition from being former partners in dispute, to co-parents who focus only on the children’s needs. Parenting Coordination Australia is the only database for practitioners currently available in Australia.

What Does a Parenting Coordinator Do?

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) works closely with both parents to help them uphold court orders and implement parenting agreements. They also assist with developing effective and lasting conflict resolution strategies and co-parenting decisions to ensure parents avoid exposing their children to these conflicts. Other functions of a Parenting Coordinator include reducing the stress for children when transitioning between homes, creating a more relaxed home environment, and helping children maintain a sense of security and trust with their parents. Our Brisbane family lawyer, Cassandra, hopes to promote positive relationships with parents and their children throughout the separation.

How Does Parenting Coordination Benefit Parents?

While the focus of Parenting Coordination Australia (PCA) is the children’s needs during a separation, there are many benefits for the parents. First of all, employing a Parenting Coordinator can help reduce the need for future litigation. A coordinator also helps facilitate ways in which both parents can play a positive, active role in their children’s lives. Parents are taught the necessary skills to manage their communication, anger and conflict resolution skills.


How Do You Become a Parenting Coordinator?

Our Brisbane family lawyer, Cassandra, travelled to North America to train as one of Australia’s first Parenting Coordinators. To obtain a qualification and begin working as a Parenting Coordinator, PCA runs regular training programs across Australia. While many of our certified practitioners are psychologists, social workers, mediators and family lawyers, no prior legal experience is needed to become a Parenting Coordinator. Upcoming course dates in Brisbane are 17 to 19th October 2019. During this three-day course, you will learn when to use Parenting Coordination as well as the limits of it. You will also learn all necessary theories, strategies and exercises needed for the role. Course rates for the full, three-day training are $2,850. Click here to enrolenrolments close 15th October.

Speak to Our Brisbane Family Lawyer About Parenting Coordination

Cassandra, our Brisbane Family Lawyer has over 30 years’ experience as a Family Law Specialist. If you wish to learn more about becoming a Parenting Coordinator or would like to engage one of the country’s leading parenting coordinators, please get in touch. Pullos Lawyers also offers a variety of legal services to assist with Divorce, Property Settlement and International Family Law, on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. To speak to one of our lawyers, contact us via our online form or call us on (07) 5526 3646 or (07) 3144 1641.

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