If I ever hear of anyone in the SE Qld area who needs family law assistance, I won’t hesitate to recommend you.

Anonymous – Gold Coast

Thank you once again for being so prompt and responsive at very short notice and for helping me bring this whole matter to (what should be) a not-too-financially-painful

Annoymous – Gold Coast


Thank you once again for being so prompt and responsive at very short notice and for helping me bring this whole matter to (what should be) a not-too-financially-painful

Annoymous – Gold Coast


I truly appreciate how quickly and professionally you all acted in assisting me when it looked like I needed a backup plan.

Anonymous – Gold Coast

Hi Cassandra,

I know you are a busy person, but I would like to write to you to thank you for your help, and for agreeing to take on my case. Meeting with yourself and Elise yesterday, you were able to explain to me in clear terms the process that was occurring, which eased my mind and made it easier for me to make decisions. Today, Elise was able to negotiate on my behalf an undertaking, which I am sure she can fill you in on, but I am very thankful to her for her professionalism, manner, knowledge and skills, and for providing me with peace of mind through the process. You should be proud to have such professionals working for you.

I am so happy and grateful for the service, that if it is ok with yourself, I would like to refer any of my clients who need advice in family law through to yourselves in the future.


Anonymous – Gold Coast

Dear Cassandra, I would like to thank you for taking our initial appointment so promptly all those months ago and for taking on our case. Your company came highly recommended from a close family friend and your high recommendation is well and truly deserved. I want to acknowledge the exemplary work done by your staff in particular Elise Fordham and Rebecca Barron. As you are aware Elise was with us from the beginning and was very dedicated and diligent with our case. Elise was very thorough, professional, approachable and worked tirelessly on our case keeping us up to date on our case at all times and was a wealth of knowledge. We cannot thank Elise enough for helping us and we are so appreciative of her support and expertise. Also we want to acknowledge Rebecca Barron for her wealth of knowledge and experience. Rebecca’s negation skills and court tactics in helping us achieve the outcome we wanted are second to none. Rebecca was also very thorough, professional, approachable and her confidence in her profession helped put our minds at ease. Rebecca and Elise are a credit to your company and an absolute credit to the Law profession and they have done more for our family then they will ever know and we are so grateful to both Rebecca and Elise for everything they have both done for us and for achieving a perfect outcome for our family we could not be happier and these words will never seem enough to thank them and also to the rest of your team who had a part in our case. Rebecca and Elise exceeded all our expectations as well as yourself and your staff and company and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and your staff in the future. Once again from the bottom of our hearts we thank all of you.

Anonymous – Gold Coast

I am so happy and grateful for the service, I would like to refer any of my clients who need advice in family law through to yourselves in the future.

Mr G

I am very thankful to Elise for her professionalism, manner, knowledge and skills, and for providing me with peace of mind through the process.

Mr C

I would like to write to you to thank you for your help, and for agreeing to take on my case. Meeting with yourself and Elise yesterday, you were able to explain to me in clear terms the process that was occurring, which eased my mind and made it easier for me to make decisions.


G.C. Gold Coast

I came away from our meeting on Friday feeling like I would be well represented and I thank you very much for your time.


P.H. Gold Coast

I have been a client of Damira Hidic of Cassandra Pullos Lawyers for in excess of 12 months, who has been acting for me in a Custody case involving my granddaughter.

During this time I have not only found her to be most professional in her legal duties, but just as important, sympathetic not only to me as regards to her understanding of the difficulties and stress related to such a matter, but towards all parties involved in the case.

Damira has always listened to my opinions on each aspect and strategy that had to be considered relating to not only the continuing appearances in the Family Court, but also in relation to replies to the other Solicitors involved acting for the other parties.

She has always explained in layman’s terms the reasons for actions that are necessary during each new development involved in a difficult case such as mine, and has always told me what I needed to hear, and not what I always wanted to hear.

She is simply good at what she does and her expertise has shone through in my case. I now realise how difficult it is to be involved in a Family Law matter, and to succeed you need a professional, a professional like Damira.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who may need the type of services she provides.


M.B. Gold Coast

Here is a great thankful for Cassandra, Rebecca, Joy and your awesome team from Shanghai China.

Still can’t believe what had happened the beginning of this year. When I walked to your office I was so helpless and desperate, but after a short talk to you and Becca, I got my confidence up.

Even though 3month was quite a long time for me that time but I realized it was definite a rocket speed in Australia’s legal system. Whatever I am sooo appreciate your professional expertise and dedication, I will highly recommend to all my friends.

Now I am sitting at my home of Shanghai and writing this testimonial, thank you again to let me and my kids back to our home. I am glad you put a case study of my case and wish more people like me could be helped.

Welcome to Shanghai and hope to see you soon.


Client from Shanghai China

Dear Damira,

As my divorce settlement is happening this week, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the professional way in which you have guided me through this complex journey.

You have of course been extremely knowledgeable about the law, and have anticipated and eliminated almost all difficulties that we encountered from the other party.

What made you stand out though, is that you have made me feel heard and understood during an extremely difficult and emotional time, without pity or patronising.

For that, and of course the excellent outcome of my settlement, I am very grateful.

D.P. Gold Coast

On my search to locate a legal firm to assist me with my legal matter, I found Cassandra Pullos Lawyers.

Upon recognising they were an all female team this was a plus for me on a personal level due to the female understanding and connection.

I felt at ease with Damira and her knowledge of law made our phone conversations quick and with a prompt answer to my questions.

I feel Damira went above and beyond what was required with her legal direction and integrity which made me feel very comfortable with the decisions i had to make.

My instructions were always carried out in a prompt and timely manner.

My experience with Cassandra Pullos Lawyers and Damira have been life changing for me I would not hesitate to use or recommend Cassandra Pullos Lawyers to my friends or if any further legal matters I might need in the future.

J.P. Gold Coast

Lucky for me I chose Cassandra Pullos Solicitors to represent me in my property settlement matter. The team, for me completely changed the dynamics of the case. Instead of me being on the back foot and continually taking a beating I was put in charge of my destiny. Their knowledge of Family Law matters was worth many 10’s of thousands of dollars to me. After a simple one hour interview, the team gleaned information from me to be able to advise my former partner’s solicitors things were not going to be going the way my former partner had planned. My lawyer attended discussions at the Family Court for me and I must say I felt proud to have such a professional in my corner, she really “knew her stuff”. She negotiated an early settlement for me without a drawn out Court battle. This testimonial was totally unsolicited. I felt I need to repay her in some way for her wonderful professional and friendly manner. From day one I felt I was believed and trusted by the team and had someone in my corner who knew the ropes.

From Paul

I knew l had the right army to fight my battle. When meeting Cassandra and the team, l felt so empowered and confident. At a time of emotional stress when l didn’t know what decisions to make, Cassandra and the team gave me the strength and knowledge to get me through this chapter of life

Thanks Maria

for my situation clearly etched upon her face. When I finished she drew a deep breath, shook her head and sighed before asking… “So wasn’t it hard enough the first time?” Fair call! Yes, here I was again… the eternal optimist who’d refused to take Cassandra’s advice about a pre-nup and who’d jumped into another marriage when Cassandra had barely got me out of the first. But now was not a time for regrets or for wounded pride. Cassandra had been brilliant for me last time and I knew I needed the best, so I didn’t mess around. I’ve now learned my lesson, but I still recommend Cassandra to friends who are having troubles. All have been grateful for her cool, calm confident approach, and for the wealth of experience she brings to the table, and whilst nothing will make this time pleasant, I know it will work out a whole lot better with Cassandra by your side.

Thank you Ms M

I never thought we’d divorce and I certainly never dreamed we’d need lawyers to help us work things out. I tried everything I knew to make sure we resolved things like friends – for the children’s sakes and our own – but in the end it was clear we needed help. I felt empty and alone as I sat in her waiting room; half of me desperate to bolt for the door – but once I’d met with Cassandra I was strangely reassured… like finally there was someone who was going to take my hand and guide me back to a time when life was normal. When we talked I liked her sense of humour; I liked that she knew what she was talking about, and I liked how she really listened and understood what I was going through. Just as importantly, when we were in court I liked how she stuck to her guns; how her confidence gave me strength, and how everything she did had an air of dignity, decorum and class.

From Cheryl

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for me on Thursday. I couldn’t have made it through without you crunching numbers and cutting through nonsense.

It was truly the most exhausting day I can remember in a long time. I am very happy with the outcome, both financially and emotionally. [my spouse] and I will be able to move on from here in a good emotional place.

From Elizabeth

Please pass on my regards to your team – as you know – you will always have [our] referrals. You are simply too awesome.

Commercial Law Firm referrer

I have worked with Rebecca on a number of matters over the years in all areas of family law – some of which have had complexities from other areas like bankruptcy and succession. Rebecca has a very high level of skill in all areas of family law.

From Barrister

Rebecca is an experienced and well-regarded practitioner.

She is a problem solver at heart and takes a practical and resourceful approach in her attempts to ensure the early resolution of matters where possible. In my view, her sensible advice and ‘thinking outside the box’ approach is of invaluable assistance to her clients at those times.

Rebecca is always familiar with the facts of the matter at hand whether in the context of a telephone conversation between solicitors, at a mediation or in Court. Her written material (both in terms of correspondence and Court documents) is succinct and relevant. In my observation she is consistently of assistance to the Court during appearances and interacts in a professional but friendly matter with her colleagues.

Rebecca is clearly passionate in the area having practiced in family law for a significant period.

From Barrister

Rebecca is a solicitor of excellent standing who has the respect of both her colleagues and the Court. She is highly proficient in all areas of family law including complex property matters and complicated children’s issues, both of which she has briefed me in. Her material is of an outstanding standard. She is also excellent in her advice to clients and managing their expectations.

From Barrister

In August 2014 I provided collaborative trainings in Queensland. It was my privilege to get to know Cassandra, as a respected and effective leader, a skillful and committed CP professional and a person of integrity, intelligence and generosity .

Cassandra was instrumental in organizing the 2 day workshop on the Gold Coast to deepen the understanding and competence of her practice group regarding the collaborative process and settlement advocacy. She also supported an interdisciplinary introductory workshop to launch a practice group in Townsville. She ensured a strong turnout at both trainings, engaged the interest and support of local judges, and arranged for excellent media coverage in Queensland and Sydney to promote public awareness of CP.

A leading collaborative lawyer in Australia, Cassandra was co founder of the Queensland group and remains devoted to supporting excellence in collaborative practice in her work, her firm, her community and her country. I have the highest personal and professional regard for Cassandra.

Victoria Smith
Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator
Chestnut Collaborative Solutions

From Victoria Smith

Cassandra Pullos Lawyers is a professional yet friendly work environment. Being a boutique firm which provides a top quality family law service, there is a focus on attending to each client’s individual needs, in what is very often a difficult and traumatic time for our clients. There is a strong sense of team work by the staff members to ensure our client’s receive prompt attention in responding to any query or situtation that may arise. The firm it is up to date with all the latest research and case law development in the area of Family Law which ensures that we are able to give the best advice possible to our clients. The staff at Cassandra Pullos Lawyers have a proficient, principled approach to practising law, which makes it exactly the kind of law firm that any solicitor would want to be a part of.

Thank you Joelene Nel

I want to thank you, particularly Cassandra, in providing me with support and mentoring throughout my employ in Cassandra Pullos Lawyers. I feel that I have learnt and improved immeasurably as a legal practitioner as a result of the time and dedication that Cassandra and Alice have provided. I have formed great friendships here and hope to stay in touch into the future.

From Zoe Adams

Working at Cassandra Pullos Lawyers gave me the opportunity to be exposed to interesting, stimulating and high-level file work, which served as a platform for me to further develop my legal skill set. In addition to being exposed to complex matters, I was also given a high level of mentoring and support from Cassandra which has been and will continue to be invaluable in my legal career and assisted me tremendously in working towards achieving Specialist Accreditation.

From Alice Drummond
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” Thank you once again for being so prompt and responsive at very short notice and for helping me bring this whole matter to (what should be) a not-too-financially-painful resolution…”